About Us - Snow Bound Trails Golden Retrievers

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have Been Imported from some of the Top Breeding/ Show Kennels in the World. We have been Golden Retriever Lovers & found the lines to be Healthier than some of the American Lines here in the States. When we had to put our 1st American Golden Retriever down at 6 years old., it Crushed our Hearts. We were on a mission to find Long Gevity in our next Golden Retriever. We Researched & Researched the Different Kennels and then Found The Morning Valley. Ans ,Owner was just becoming a Show Judge at this time when she shipped our Blizzard over to us. Having American Goldens and experiencing the English Cream’s we found Differences in Their Health & Personality. We followed Ans Throughout the years & got so addicted to this Type & Breed that we Spread the News and now our Close Friends & Family all have English Creams. We have Since Imported Several more Retrievers from Romania, Ukraine & 3 from the Netherlands. If you have Never had an English Cream, don’t wait as they will Enrich Your Heart & Life. We have come to see how they are not a Dog.., they attach themselves to you and are more like having a Child. Please call us with any Questions. We are close Family & Friends that work together & try to produce Sound Mind, Personality, & Great Healthy Puppies. La Russo Family ,Basilion Family , Skinkle Family, & Davis Family.

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