Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have been imported from some of the top breeding & show kennels in the world. We have been Golden Retriever lovers & found the lines to be healthier than some of the American lines here in the United States.

When we had to put our 1st American Golden Retriever down at 6 years old, it crushed our hearts. We were on a mission to find longevity in our next Golden Retriever. We researched & researched the different kennels and then found the Morning Valley Kennel. Ans (Owner) was just becoming a Show Judge at this time when she shipped our import Blizzard over to us. Having American Goldens and experiencing the English Creams we found differences in their health & personality. We followed Ans throughout the years & became  addicted to this type & breed that we spread the news and now our close friends & family all have English Creams. We have since imported several more Retrievers from Romania, Ukraine and three from the Netherlands.

If you have never had an English Cream, don’t wait as they will enrich your heart & life. We have come to see how they are not a just a Dog, they attach themselves to you and are more like having a child.

We are close family & friends that work together & try to produce sound mind, personality, & great healthy puppies. Please call us with any questions! 

La Russo Family, Basilion Family, Skinkle Family, & Davis Family.

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